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We are an outstanding online ecigarette dealer, offering you the healthiest alternative to tobacco. We stock ecigarettes of different brands, flavours and prices. The best thing about our ecigarettes is that it gives you the feel of a real cigarette, including the throat hit and quenching the nicotine craving, without exposing you to harmful tobacco byproducts.

Ecigarettes are the new, convenient alternative to smoking. Since the UK banned smoking in public, it is illegal to take a smoke when you need one if you are in a public place. Swarm ecigarettes give you the convenience of smoking anywhere you are without breaking the law. This is because our ecigarettes do not produce any smoke, and are nonflammable. This means that you can vape at any place, at any time!

The choices we offer you

We stock a variety of brands. Some of our most popular brands include the following:

  • Njoy is our cheapest ecigarette pack, which is part of the reason for its popularity among starters.
  • V4L (Vapor4Life) has the richest and most robust flavour, according to our clients
  • Safe cig is popular with those who want to stand out, and those who enjoy simple but delicious tobacco flavour
  • Blu ecigs are popular since they are made of 100% vegatable glycerin, which produces denser vapour
  • MadVapes brand is great with those who enjoy DIY projects
  • V2 brand comes with the variety of everything, from battery size to flavours. It popular with those who like variety
  • Bull Smoke ecigarettes are quality products, yet affordable to most customers
  • Eversmoke is another affordable e-cigarette, which is also among the easiest to use

Are you thinking of switching to ecigarettes?

If you are one of the numerous people thinking of changing to electronic cigarettes, you might find yourself wondering where to begin. Here are a few tips..

Disposables: Start out with disposable electronic cigarettes. This might not be what an environmentalist would like to hear, but it is the cheapest way of purchasing an assortment of ecigarettes. If you are just starting, you might want to experiment with various brands and flavours before you get a favorite. The best thing about disposables is that they are available in singles, which is probably what you are looking for as a starter.

Starter kits: Once you have taken a few puffs of different flavours and discover that you like more than one flavour, you can then purchase a starter kit. The good thing about a starter kit is that it comes with different flavours. While some shops may not allow you to pick your flavour, we at Swarm eCigarettes will package the kit with your prefered flavours. The starter kit comes with the e-cigarette and its accrssories, which includes chargers, adapters, carrying cases, and spares depending on the brand.

Other attributes: vaping comes with creating a personal lifestyle. Therefore, at this stage, you may be more willing to look at other attributes of the e-cigarette other than just the flavour and price. You can look at the style/aesthetic value of the ecigarette. You can also check which brand has the best battery or the strongest throat hit. These attributes will definitely improve your vaping experience.

For any queries and orders, and to take advantage of any offer/discount, talk to us today on+44 1632 960306.


What our customers have to say about us

Hi! Im Demi, and I would like to thank you for the swift delivery. I have ordered ecigarettes on several online stores before, but this was by far the fastest delivery. Now I have happy customers. Thank you!

By Demi Black

Having been a heavy smoker for years, I can confidently say that your ecigarettes have helped me quit the habit. I started out with Blue Cigs, which I am still loyal to. This brand has the best throat hit. Will be ordering more soon

By Joe Hunt

Hi there! I had been looking for a simple, tobacco-flavoured e-cigarette that is not too harsh on my throat until I found safe smoke. I am not a heavy smoker, and this particular brand delivered the experience I was craving for. Thanks!

By Mellissa Heywood
East London