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Traditional cigarette smoking and its ill effects

Smoking is one of the most ancient and wide spread addictions across the world. It is an act of inhaling the smoke from some form of cigarette. Over the years, smoking has become a style statement and a stress buster for many people irrespective of their age. Smoking which starts as a fun activity in most adoloscents; lately pulls them into addiction. Smoking also finds no difference between gender: both men and women, boys and girls enjoy smoking. However, smoking is definitely one of the worst addictions. The ill effects of smoking a traditional cigarette is really very slow that it generally goes unnoticed by the smoker during the earlier stages of smoking. Also, it is widely misunderstood that smoking harms only the lungs. But in reality, smoking affects every individual internal organs. Though, lungs are the primary organs to be affected, smoking also causes reduced eyesight, affects the digestive organs and also the brain. Cigarettes contain about 70 carcinogenic substances that can even cause Cancer. 

What is an Electric Cigarette:

Electronic cigarettes, shortly referred as e-cigarettes are instruments that give the smoker the real smoking experience without causing any health issues to the smoker and the people around him. These electronic cigarettes contain zero or very little nicotine content that makes it safe to smoke. Also, ecigs are a perfect alternative for those who wish to quit traditional cigarette smoking but find it really hard to ababndon them becasue of the cigarette addcition. 

An ecig consists of three basic parts - the cartridge, the e-liquid and the atomizer. The cartridge acts as the mouth piece of the ecig. The e-liquid is the nicotine free or nicotine less liquid that replaces the harmful tobacco. The atomizer is the part of the ecig that actually heats the eliquid giving smoke like effect and the smoking pleasure to the smoker. The ecig also consists of a charger which helps in charging the atomizer. There is also a LED light in the body of the ecig that glows everytime one puffs in. It also lights up when you charge the electronic cigarette. 

Types of ecigs

There are two types of ecigs - disposable and non-disposable. Disposable are the cheap e-cigarettes that are meant for one time use. The non-dispoable ones can be used many times by replacing the e-liquid. This makes the non disposable ecigs more economical in the long run. 

E liquids

E-liquid is the liquid that produces vapour when one smokes an ecig. It is a solution made from propylene glycol and vegatable glycerin. It might also contain polyethylene glycol in some cases. Eliquids are available in various categories of flavors. For example, in case you love the taste of fruits, you can choose apple, raspberry, pineapple or even banana. There are also flavors of tobacco. These eliquids are generally available on two bottle sizes - 10 ml and 30 ml. Also the eliquids are widely classified into 5 types based on the amount of nicotine they contain - Zero, Low, Medium Low, Medium Low and High. 

How to buy electronic cigarettes

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Electronic cigarettes also have a lot of replacable parts. This ensures that when you have some part of the electronic cigarette cracking down, you can easily replace that one particular part rather than replacing the entire ecig. Ecigs also have a number of accesories. There is a USB charger with which you can charge your ecig on the go. You can even purchase a extra battery or choose a classy ecig carry case that will help you flaunt your ecig in style. These days, smoking an ecig is a style factor and many stars have actually started endorsing them. These stylish carry cases are becoming a popular choice among the younger generation. You can buy the best ecigs and their accessories here. 

Is it legal to smoke ecigs in public places?

Unlike the traditional tobacco cigarettes, smoking e-cigs is legally safe in any public place throughout the United Kingdom. 


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